I serve as the director of research analytics at the Urban Institute of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

An engineer who turned into a quantitative social scientist and then metamorphosed into data science leadership over the years. I work at the intersection of social science disciplines including public policy, sociology, public health and education with a keen interest in quantitative analytical methods, machine learning and data engineering.

To learn more about my current work, check out projects.

Prior to my role at the Urban Institute, I taught advanced statistical methods in the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UNC Charlotte before my current role and led a campus-wide professional development program in data science.

Ph.D. in Urban Regional Analysis ∙University of North Carolina at Charlotte ∙ 2015

M.S. in Transportation Engineering ∙University of North Carolina at Charlotte ∙ 2008

B.Tech in Civil Engineering ∙University of Calicut ∙ 2005

Analytical work consumes a large part of my life, and I say this with excitement. I enjoy training and mentoring students and staff at the institute and am passionate about bringing novel methods to inform Charlotte’s public and policymakers using data.

R and Python are our team’s primary data stack and we leverage their vast ecosystem to improve analytical processes in research, discover modern ways to communicate insights, and make everyone’s life better at work. This website, for example, is built and maintained with R.

The blog is a journal I use to let project/research ideas marinate, brainstorm new paths with my team, and share bits of technology, tools and knowledge that impact my work. Migrating blog posts from old site. Please check back later for a complete blog section

Projects is a window to active and ongoing organizational, research and personal projects.

Teaching outlines the courses and workshops I’ve taught.

Monocle is a general, non-work writing space.


Kailas V

Director of Research Analytics